Your images printed on stone

When displayed directly on stone, your images take on a whole new depth and texture.


Soft and matte

Whites become soft and creamy as the stone composite shows through, with other colours becoming tempered and pulled into a limited palette.

This effect gives the images an almost 'painterly' feel and really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated.


Authentic and rustic timbers - a new lease of life

The frames on our stone display pieces are made from reclaimed timber, often from outdoor fence palings, sourced locally and sustainably in Australia.

Having had a hard existence in the harsh Australian outdoors, the timber looks and feels weathered, which is perfect for a truly authentic rustic finish.

The process is simple - the timber is cut and tailored to suit the style of image it is framing and then lightly sanded and oiled to serve out the rest of its years beautifully.

All of our pieces are made ready to hang as individual feature pieces or can be displayed as collections. You can see examples of our artwork during your in-home sessions.