The Oak


Oak-framed premium canvas wall art

Our popular premium canvas wall art has been given extra warmth and texture by wrapping it in a hand-crafted oak frame.  The 'Oak' is a perfect way to create a feature in your home that demands attention.


Hand crafted all the way - no shortcuts

Every piece of artwork we create takes a journey on its way to your family home, and making this extra-special piece takes time.

The image is carefully printed using the latest technology that is calibrated to our cameras and editing suite to ensure consistent quality. Genuine Canon archival inks are used that do not yellow nor fade for a minimum of 100 years.

Once ready, the canvas print is hand-stretched by our craftsman over a solid double-profiled 400mm hardwood frame.

The images, naturally enhanced by texture from the museum-grade heavy weight 440gsm material are then coated with an optically clear satin laminate that provides an extra layer of protection from curious little fingers and the harsh, natural sunlight.


High quality inspection

Once the canvas has passed through a quality inspection it is then mounted into a custom made frame prepared from solid oak.

The timber is rendered naturally with a subtle matt finish and wraps the canvas with a 7mm gap to create a floating feel.

The last stage is a final quality inspection, completed with a stamp of authenticity to ensure that once presented, your artwork will exceed expectations and set the bar for all artworks for years to come.

The combination of natural materials presented in a chunky, clean finish makes the 'Oak' the perfect addition to any modern, classic or minimalistic home. You can see examples of our artwork during your in-home sessions.