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Two sizes, for two requirements

Monitors and screens are now at such a high resolution that it is impossible to see the pixels. This is why it is important to us that digital images are treated as a product in their own right and not just as an add-on.

Our digital images are supplied in two different formats to suit different needs:



Optimised for just the right point of quality VS file size.

Files are approximately 1MB in size - perfect for sharing by email or social media - but still display as super sharp on 50-inch TV’s and the latest high-resolution retina-display computers and tablets/phones.

DIGI-ART images can also be printed up to 8" (inches) on the longest side, un-cropped.



The DIGI-PRINT option is for those who wish to print their own images for the wall.

The high resolution file means that the images can be printed up to 20” (inches) on the longest side, un-cropped.

We have a partnership with Australia’s leading fine-art print studio to ensure your memories are displayed in the best possible quality.