In-Home Baby photography Experience - 6 Weeks Old - 12 Months

Missed capturing the newborn stage? Don’t worry, we call these ‘expression sessions’!

At age 6 weeks old you will start to see big smiles and your baby is much more engaged with you. It’s at this time you can capture the connection between baby and parents more than when they are first born. As they grow older, the fun just gets better!

A different stage requires a different approach

As they become more interactive, we like to play and laugh with your baby to get those natural and fun moments as they happen. Giving baby short bursts of fun and sensory play, we keep the shoot age appropriate - big eyes, cheeky expressions and of course, beautifully crafted images that look amazing on your wall.

Capture the family, pets and siblings

Baby is still small and precious, but can now withstand cuddles from their siblings and kisses from their fur-brothers and sisters. You can now hold baby differently in your family portraits and after 3-4 months, get a little bit more playful with them too!

About Grain & Weave

All over Sydney we are traveling to families who want to remember those fleeting magical moments with their babies. Whether it’s the first smiles, a natural portrait of the brand new family, or simply marking a moment in the family history; we’ve created a fun and relaxed experience around this amazing time that allows you to keep baby safely at home without disturbing their routine.

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